Halogen Search & Selection is a specialist recruitment and search firm based in Cape Town.  Whilst our roots are firmly and deeply South African, our experience is international – for over a decade we have  been helping organisations in the UK, US, Europe and the Middle East as well as in South Africa build their corporate affairs capabilities, and candidates to take the next bold step in their careers.  We work with clients of all sizes, from large multinationals to high-tech start-ups and NGOs.  Our hallmarks are the depth of our knowledge and expertise across the corporate affairs spectrum, from corporate communications and investor relations to governance and risk,  digital communications, stakeholder relations and sustainability.  We believe that the best talent is passive talent and are experts in identifying the best professionals in the market via our networks. Our services include retained and contingency search, market mapping and role profiling. Via our partner organisations, we offer regular networking sessions and workshops covering a range of topics from capital markets communications and strategic investor relations, to developing internal communications strategies and reputation management programmes.   

To help the candidates we work with realise their ambitions and fulfil their potential and to help our clients to become the kinds of organisations the best people want to work for.


Top of the list because it’s the bedrock of all relationships and the life-blood of an organisation’s reputation


In every conversation, every introduction & interaction, every time


Never to hold back from challenging a brief/a hiring strategy/a candidate profile – it’s what recruiting platforms and jobs boards can never do


Never give up until the very best candidate is found


We take time to get to know our clients, their challenges and their culture; we work hard at building and maintaining two-way conversations, for the long-term.

One size never fits all

No two organisations are the same; no two roles are identical even if they have the same title; people are not robots; things change

To be the most trusted recruitment consultancy specialising in corporate affairs in Sub-Saharan Africa and beyond.

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Corporate & Marketing Communications

Digital Communications & Social Media

Company Secretary

Investor Relations


Corporate & Marketing Communications 56%
Company Secretariat 80%
Governance, Risk & Compliance 34%
Transformation & Change Management 90%
Investor Relations 80%
Sustainability 70%

Clients & Partners


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